Friday, December 7, 2018

Episode 16: The Pros and Cons of Conventions

One of the great joys of being a fan is attending conventions. Whether you're a fan of comics, Star Trek, Star Wars, horror movies, anime, or all of the above, there's nothing quite like the thrill of going to a con and seeing your favorite writers, artists, actors, and other creators and celebrities. Or maybe you enjoy spending hours hunting down treasures in the dealers room! Sometimes just hanging out with like-minded people can make your day. Cons can provide a wealth of experiences...and while most of them make for great memories, there are also those times you'd just as soon forget!

Larry, Bob, and Karen  discuss the pros -and cons -of cons. Consider this our unvarnished look at something we generally love, but have no illusions about either. We'll go down Memory Lane and discuss conventions both old and recent, from small, grass-roots cons, to large mega-cons too. There are always those experiences you plan, and then there are those ones that just seem to happen - and sometimes, those are the most rewarding. 

For our Sensor Sweep, we look at some Star Trek goodies from a company called Quantum Mechanix (QMX). They make some beautiful metallic insignia badges that are also magnetic, so when you wear them, you won't have to put a hole in your shirt or costume. You can get ones for all the branches (Command, Sciences, Engineering, etc.). They range from about $5-15 and you can get them at their website ( or look on Amazon.

Let us know about your favorite convention experiences...or your worst! You know where to find us:

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Episode 15: Thankful for Star Trek

To our listeners in the United States: Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holiday, your Planet 8 crew is giving thanks of their own, for something that has had a major impact on the three of us (and we suspect, a lot of you, too): Star Trek!

Each of selected an episode of classic Trek to discuss. We hope you enjoy the episodes we chose. It was hard choosing just three since we have so many favorites! But we're already talking about doing another show on Star Trek. There are just too many great episodes left to discuss! Here are our choices:

Bob - Arena;
Karen - Amok Time;
and Larry, All Our Yesterdays

This episode's Sensor Sweep looks at (appropriately) a fantastic tome from Titan Books called Star Trek Lost Scenes. This mammoth, 270 page treasure-trove was produced by David Tilotta and Curt McAloney, and is a joy to any Trekkie or Trekker's eyes. The authors have assembled a wonderful collection of  behind the scenes clips, deleted scenes, and bloopers. They've used modern technology to digitally scan and color-correct these old film clips, vastly improving the image quality. The truly exciting thing is that they've gathered pictures most fans  have never seen before, from scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor. It's truly worthy of being in any Star Trek fan's collection.

Gorn anatomy 101
Deleted scene, 'Elaan of Troyius'

Besides Star Trek, we're thankful for all of you who listen to the podcast and leave comments, either here, or at Twitter or the Facebook page. We really enjoy hearing what you thought of each episode and what you'd like to hear us talk about in future ones. If you haven't found us in those other places yet, here's how:

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Our closing song this episode is "Surf Trek" by the Rubinoos. Other clips are copyright CBS.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Episode 14: A Tribute to Stan Lee

It is with heavy hearts that we put together this episode of Planet 8. Stan Lee, the face of Marvel Comics, passed away on November 12th. It's impossible to adequately relate how much Stan meant to all of us, or the magnitude of what he achieved in his life. But there was no way we could let his passing go by unnoticed. Stan not only co-created so many super-heroes that we love, but he gave us a sense of belonging. He made Marvel, and comics, feel cool. He spoke out against bigotry and spoke up for equality. His promotion of Marvel eventually led to the amazing films we have now. He brought enjoyment to so many people across the world -truly, a life to be celebrated. Excelsior.

For our Sensor Sweep, Bob salutes another person who passed on November 12th, Fred Patten. Mr. Patten was instrumental in bringing Japanese manga and  animation to America. Patten was the owner of the Graphic Story Bookshop in Long Beach, California in the 1970s, and discovered manga at Westercon in 1970. He began to import comics from Japan, and founded the Cartoon Fantasy Organization in 1978. He also consulted on a number of animated features.

That's it for now -we'll be back in a week with our regularly scheduled episode. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us, either here or on our other locations: 

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Stan Lee interview clips courtesy Fandango. Closing song is Wallopin' Websnappers by Moxxi (Vaughn Smith) from the album The Spider-Man Swinging 60's Cartoon Retro Remix Collection.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Episode 13: On The Road to Apocalypse!

"Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in ice." Or, maybe it will end in a plague of vampires or zombies. Perhaps civilization will crumble and bands of car crazies will roam the land. Maybe there will be massive overpopulation and we'll start making crackers out of each other! Movies and TV shows have explored many, many different ways that life as we know it could come to a nasty end. On this episode of Planet 8, your crew takes a strange and terrifying trip on the road to apocalypse! Come join Larry, Karen, and Bob as they travel from one dystopian future to the next, trying to figure out which one gives them the best chance of survival. Try to guess along with the crew which movie or show they've blundered into as they ride their mystery tram.

In our Sensor Sweep, Larry talks about the amazing Universal Monster action figures from Super 7 ( Making their debut at this summer's San Diego Comic Con, these 3.75" retro, or ReAction, figures, are just what the doctor ordered. If you couldn't make it to SDCC, or pay those eBay resale prices, you can also get the regular figures from Super 7's website, mounted on cardstock with some gorgeous Ed Repka art. Super 7 also has t-shirts and other great products.

What dystopian future do you think you'd fare best in? Which one would you dread getting stuck in? And...we know we forgot a few! So let's talk about those too! You know where to find us -in the comments here, or in our other locations:

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Our closing song this episode is "Who's Next" by Tom Lehrer. This episode also contains part of "It's The End of The World as We Know It" by REM. All rights are retained by their respective owners.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Episode 12: A-Haunting We Will Go

From the Disney film, Lonesome Ghosts, 1937

What was that? You thought you heard footsteps upstairs? But we're the only ones here... Join your Planet 8 crew as we explore the mysterious world of ghosts and the undead! We talk to intrepid investigators of the paranormal on this Halloween episode. Devin Sisk and Ellen MacFarlane take us  for some spectral encounters on the Napa Ghost and Legends Walking Tour ( Then Mina Harker tells us all about her Vampire Tour of San Francisco (, a creepy night-time journey through the Nob Hill area of the City. On top of all this, you'll get to hear Engineer Bob's own hair-raising ghostly encounter! We  want to thank the folks at Creatures Con for making these interviews possible.

We hope everyone has a fun-filled Halloween! Be sure to let us know what you thought of this episode, and if you have had an experience with the supernatural, feel free to share it with us in the comments here, or at the other places where you can find us:

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Our closing song this episode is The Zombie Stomp by the Del Airs. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Episode 11: Horror Hosts A Go Go

It's October, so it's time for all things creepy and spooky! Come with us as we go back and explore the history of horror hosts with our good friend, the knowledgeable and witty Lord Blood-Rah. For many of us, our memories of classic horror and monster movies are inseparably bound with the unique characters who presented these films to us, late on a Saturday night. Bob Wilkins, Count Gore De Vol, Svengoolie, Elvira, Seymour -  the list goes on and on. We reminisce about these classic hosts, as well as talk about some of the newer ones,  the ins and outs of procuring films to show, and how many hosts have transitioned to the internet. If there's anything you wanted to know about horror hosts, you need to listen to this episode!

Commander Larry, Lord Blood-Rah, and Engineer Bob at the Chouinard Winery

Lord Blood-Rah has a couple of big shows coming up that are not to be missed. First, on October 13th, is Lord Blood-Rah's Nerve Wrackin' Theatre Halloween Horror Show at the Landmark Cinema in Peoria, Illinois! Our Lordship will be showing a bunch of scary short subjects followed with the cult favorite, Horror Express! You haven't lived til you've seen  Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Telly Savalas(!) together in a film.

Then on October 27th, Lord Blood-Rah brings the chills to Moraga, California and the Rheem Theater for his Halloween Psycho Show, where he'll screen selected shorts and the classic Dementia 13! For more details on both shows, and also info on how to catch Lord Blood-Rah's Nerve Wrackin' Theatre, go to his site:

Our closing song for this episode is from the talented Mr. Lobo of Cinema Insomnia ( Many thanks to him for allowing us to use it. We hope you enjoy "Halloween Candy."

That's it this time -we'll be back with more Halloween fun in a couple of weeks! Please tell us about your favorite horror host and your thoughts on the show either here or at:

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Episode 10: Podcast Team-Up with The Geek Speak Show!

Back when we were at Creatures Con in August, we were able to sit down with fellow podcasters Henry San Miguel and Annie Yang (well, Annie was on camera duty!) from the Geek Speak Show and have a great discussion about how we all got into podcasting, our favorite Star Trek series, what we thought about Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi,  - you name it! Henry and his fellow Geek Speakers have been running their podcast since 2010, so they're veterans. We hope you enjoy some behind the scenes talk and some plain old geeking out! You can find the Geek Speak Show at

Annie, Larry, Karen (on iPad), Henry, and Bob at Creatures Con
We hope to team up with the good folks of Geek Speak again soon! Perhaps they can come visit the command center at Planet 8? Stay tuned...

This episode, we also wanted to give a few shout outs to some listeners who we've had interactions with. We really appreciate all of you who take the time to let us know what you think. Hearing from you and knowing our signal is not just getting lost in the vast reaches of intergalactic space makes this all worth it. So many thanks and keep those messages coming! You can leave comments here, or at our other outlets:

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