Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Episode 2: Desert Planet Picks

Stranded on a desert planetoid, you are able to salvage only two ancient TV series and five films to keep you entertained until the space patrol arrives to rescue you...whenever that might be. What are your selections?

Tune into this episode to hear what the Planet 8 crew of Larry, Karen, and Bob would grab from the wreckage of their spacecraft to keep them company. You might be surprised! Then please share your picks with us here, or on Twitter or Facebook.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Episode 1: Infinity War spoiler-filled breakdown!

All right True Believers, Avengers: Infinity War is here, and it's huge! Join your hosts, Larry, Bob, and Karen, as we discuss and dissect this mega-blockbuster in a spoiler-filled podcast. After 10 years and 18 previous films, this is a massive effort - we'll talk about what worked for us, what wasn't as effective, what surprised us, and what we expect from Avengers 4. Please listen in and then share your thoughts here, and/or join us on Twitter and Facebook:

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In our Sensor Sweep, we examine the amazing new Planet of the Apes Lawgiver tiki mug from Mondo! That's right, now you can bless your abode with the stylized image of the legendary orangutan, the Lawgiver, available in four different glazes. Check out to get your very own. Below are images of the Planet 8 crew's Lawgiver mugs in their crew quarters!

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