Friday, May 8, 2020

Episode 50: Giant-Sized Spider-Man 50th Episode Spectacular!

It's our big 50th episode, and have we got a show for you! This one is a Giant-Sized fun-filled tribute to one of our favorite heroes, the amazing, spectacular Spider-Man! The web-slinger has been around now for over six decades and is one of the most popular characters on the planet. Why does everyone (except J. Jonah Jameson) love Spider-Man? The Planet 8 crew, plus a couple of special guests, will explore Spider-Man through comics, TV, and film incarnations, celebrating what makes him so special compared to all the other costumed crusaders.

If you want to hear about Spidey's origins, our favorite artists, Spidey's rogues gallery, the Spider-buggy, Japanese Spider-Man, and so much more, you're in the right place!

Amazing animator Tim Eldred!
Did I mention special guests? That's right, we have two for this 50th episode spectacular! Looking at Spidey in the world of animation, artist/animator/director Tim Eldred, who has worked on five different Spider-Man animated shows, shares his thoughts and experiences. Tim's segment begins at 51:24  minutes into the episode. You can check out Tim's multimedia science fiction graphic novel Pitsberg at, and also take a look at

The spectacular spider-writer, Gerry Conway!
Taking the place of our usual Sensor Sweep, we have a special treat: comics legend Gerry Conway! Gerry has written tons of comics, both at Marvel and DC, including Fantastic Four, Thor, Justice League, Batman, and created characters like the Punisher, Firestorm, Steel, Vixen, and many others. But he may be best known as the man who killed Spider-Man's girlfriend, Gwen Stacy! Gerry had a renowned run of Amazing Spider-Man, taking over the scripting reins from Stan Lee. It was a real thrill to have a conversation with Gerry about comics and Spider-Man in particular. The conversation begins at 2 hours and 10 minutes into the show (we saved the best for last).

Finally, thanks to all of you who have listened to and supported this happy little show for the last two years! We are having a blast putting it together twice a month, and hope to continue it for a long time. It wouldn't be nearly so much fun without hearing from you. Your comments here, and on Twitter and Facebook, have really taken this from three friends just goofing off to a whole community of like-minded friends. It's been especially important to us during these current difficult days. We hope all of you are doing well, and that our show can take your mind off things and entertain you, however briefly.

That's it, this big ol' beast is done! As always, we want to hear from you! Leave your comments here on the blog, or send them swinging our way at our other hangouts:

Thanks for listening!


  1. Congratulations on the big 50th episode. I'm quite pleased that - like in comic books - you produced a double-sized anniversary special. Most excellent.
    Also, I'm glad you went with a big discussion of Spider-man, the first comic book character I loved, long my very favorite and still one of my favorites. So I really loved the conversations with your guests in particular, and it was especially cool to hear from Gerry Conway.

    In fact, I liked the show so much, I guess I'll overlook the fact that there was some dissing of two my favorite artists, Sal Buscema (he's not just a workman!) and Gil Kane...

    1. ooops - in case it's not clear, that comment above is from me...
      Edo Bosnar

    2. Hey buddy, good to hear from you. Thanks for all the support. And of course thanks for the comments here. It was a treat to be able to talk to Gerry Conway! Take care 👍🏽

    3. Hey Edo, glad you hung in there and caught the Gerry Conway interview! This was a real labor of love -I don't think we'll do too many giant-sized episodes. Some nice graphics work by Chief Engineer Bob for this one.

    4. Don’t think I’m any way I’d ever dis Our Pal Sal! I enjoyed his work on an entire bullpen of Marvel heroes. I particularly enjoyed his work on the original issues of Nova! Once Carmine Infantino took over the art on the book, I was very disappointed.

      Gil Kane is definitely an acquired taste. I think his work at DC was better than his Marvel output. I think the “nostril shots” were always distracting to me. 😉

  2. Big Congratulations on your 50th Episode! And what a way to kick off your 50th episode with The Amazing Spider-Man! My first favorite superhero, and that is really just because of one of his main Arch Villains (my favorite) The Lethal Lizard! AKA: Dr. Curt Connors. I saw the Lizard first on the 60's cartoon, but my first comic featuring the Lizard was Amazing Spider-Man #101, and now I have almost every comic appearance of the Lizard. :)
    As for the two Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies (Yes, Only 2) Great Start! The first movie was good, and set the characters very well. I couldn't really get into Toby Maguire, and just could not understand the casting of Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson. What a miscast! Her somnambulistic performance was unbearable. You might as well made cardboard cut-outs for Mary Jane. Wilem Defoe as Norman Osbourne was Great! Bad Green Goblin costume though.
    Spider-Man 2 is awesome because of Alfred Molina's portrayal of Dr. Otto Octavius AKA Dr. Octopus. Otherwise it would've been a pretty meh movie.
    The Amazing Spider-Man franchise killed my interest, by screwing over my favorite Spidey Villain The Lethal Lizard! Looked horrible! Super Mario Bros. the movie Goomba Reject! Damn Sad Thing!
    And I only went to watch the sequel because Chief Engineer Bob invited me to see a special screening of it. Electro was ok, The New (Harry Osbourne) Green Goblin was a bad joke, and his inclusion in this movie was like forcing a square peg into a round hole, and then forced into a wet paper bag that's too small. Add to that the Death of Gwen Stacy thrown in, and you end up with a broken wet mess on the ground.

    Captain America: Civil War: One of the best introductions/Cameos of a character I have ever seen! "Under-Roos!"
    Spider-Man: Homecoming = AWESOME! All around great movie. Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man HELL YES!!! And Michael Keaton's Vulture!!! I would watch a movie with just Him and his Crew getting together. I'm also happy that they didn't give us another "origin story". THANK YOU!!!
    Spider-Man: Far from Home = Almost as Awesome! Tom Holland, great again! And They got Mysterio RIGHT!!! Hail to the Fish Bowl Baby!!!

    I know they are leading us up to a fight with Sinister Six, but please, please, please!!! Give us a great Lizard/Curt Connors!

    Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse: All Around Animated Awesomesauce! Loved it!

    Congratulations to all of You, and here's to 50 more episodes!

    1. It’s a funny contrast. In our werewolves episode I extolled the virtues of werewolves without snouts (Wolfman, Teenage Werewolf, Oliver Reed werewolf), but when it comes to The Lizard, where’s the snout? That would have helped a lot! The movie does have one of the best Stan Lee cameos though!

  3. Thanks Kev!! Appreciate your support for our little podcast. Yeah I agree with your assessments... what they did or didn’t do with the Lizard is unforgivable!