Saturday, June 8, 2019

Episode 28: Oh No, There Goes Tokyo, Go Go Godzilla!

Welcome to this Daikaiju-sized edition of Planet 8! We needed a larger than normal sized episode to cover our subject, Godzilla King of the Monsters! Besides our usual three-headed review, we'll be including some bonus material from Chief Engineer Bob's away mission to the press screening and Hollywood premiere of this colossal film, including a special interview with the film's director, Michael Dougherty, at the end of the episode.

This is a SPOILER-FILLED episode, so make sure you see Godzilla King of the Monsters before you jump into the podcast!

This is the third film in Legendary's Monsterverse, with the 2014 Godzilla being the first, and Kong:Skull Island being the second. And this film featured more kaiju than ever before, with some heavy hitters alongside the Big G: Mothra, Rodan, and the infamous King Ghidorah, aka Monster Zero!

Of course, your Planet 8 crew grew up with Godzilla and all of his assorted friends and enemies. We all went into this film with certain expectations based off of our nostalgic recollections. Did it live up to those memories? Listen to find out!

The premiere gets set up at the Grauman Theater
In place of our usual Sensor Sweep, Bob gives us a glimpse at his trip to Los Angeles and the Godzilla premiere, where he got to not only see the film, but meet and speak with many of the actors, and also interview the director, Michael Dougherty, along with his pal Keith Aiken from SciFi Japan.

Godzilla busts loose!
Godzilla stairs!

Bob with Godzilla 2014 director Gareth Edwards
Bob and actor Ken Watanabe
We hope you enjoyed this episode! If you'd like to meet the Planet 8 crew, head over to Creatures Con at the San Ramon Marriott (in San Ramon, California) on July 7th! We'd love to see you live and in-person!

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  1. The King Ghidorah head you see in the end credit scene is the "D" Distracted/Derpy Head Godzilla decapitates first, in the sea battle off the coast of Isla de Mare. The one you see Godzilla has in his mouth after the last battle in Boston is The Middle, Alpha Head, which Godzilla completely incinerates. I don't believe the found head has the ability to regenerate, I think it was more of a concentrated ability of the main body, and controlling Head. So I don't believe there will be a regenerated Ghidorah, and definitely not a Mecha version, especially when considering the guys "purchasing" the head are Eco Terrorists. They simply have no resources for such an endeavor. It was mentioned during the movie, that this group has collected DNA from some of the other Titans already, so I am thinking that they will create a bio weapon using those samples, and Ghidorah's Extraterrestrial DNA, that they intend to corrupt Godzilla with, thus creating an abomination, that Kong and possibly the other Titans will have to defeat. And in the end, Monarch (Butterfly, get it?) and the newly reborn Mothra can once again heal Godzilla back to normal. Well, this last part is just my opinion, of course. Thanks again for another good episode!

    1. Thanks for listening Kev and sorry for the late reply, things have been busy on Planet 8... you make a great point, actually several! Hey once the mother was revealed to be one of the eco terrorists... anything’s possible in a Godzilla film, lol

      It would be interesting to see if they pick up the Ghidora head story in future films, I guess let’s see what happens after the Godzilla vs Kong film.

      Take care Kev and thanks again for listening and commenting!

  2. Great episode as usual. Sorry for taking so long to comment; I thought I would actually see the movie before listening, but as things are going now, I don't think I'll see it any time soon. (Don't mind the spoilers, as I think I kind of know what to expect anyway when going into one these big monster movies).
    Oh yeah, I have to get this out of the way first: belated birthday wishes to Bob - as a June 9 guy, I can relate! And also Bob (and Keith) great job on landing an interview with the film's director, and great job on the interview itself. It was very enjoyable and informative.
    I liked your discussion, esp. when you mentioned the older films. I became enamored with the big monsters back in my early grade school years when the movies were aired on weekend afternoons. And I totally remember that scene you described when Monster Zero (yeah, f-in cool name!) appears over that ridge on Planet X.
    When you guys were talking about which other monster you wished you had seen in this movie, my first thought was Gamera (probably my second favorite after Godzilla), and I was wondering why nobody mentioned him until Bob commented about a certain flying turtle that belonged to a different studio - shows my ignorance of these things. I guess I'd also pick Hedorah then, because that smog monster always creeped me out as a kid.
    As for this upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong movie - well, I'll just say I hated that old King Kong vs. Godzilla movie, in which the big monkey wins. I always thought that battle should have been over in a 5 minutes, after Godzilla fries Kong to a cinder...
    -Edo Bosnar

    1. Hey Edo! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here. Hey you never know, after Kong maybe we will see a certain flying Turtle show up in a future film???

      Take care Edo, looking forward to reading your comments on the Hammer films podcast!

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