Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Episode 27: All Those Wonderful Toys

One of the great things about being a fan is all of the fun and amazing (if not expensive) collectibles that are to be found based on so many of our favorite TV shows, movies, comic characters, and more. It's astonishing the variety of items available - Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter, anyone? Many of us have acquired a ton of posters, figures, books, and what-have-you over the years. Building a collection is a point of pride for many. Some are downright obsessive about it.

In this episode, Larry, Bob, and Karen discuss the fine art of collecting, and look at a few of their favorite items in their own collections. Bob has a number of one-of-a-kind or nearly so items of the kaiju variety (like an Ibanez Ultraman guitar), while Larry explores some rare Anchor-Hocking Universal Monster glasses that he hunted down. Karen shares a favorite piece, the Sideshow Creature from the Black Lagoon premium format statue.

Just why do we collect? Is it out of a sense of nostalgia? Is it the thrill of chasing down that rare item? And do you limit yourself to just one genre or show, or do you range far and wide in the types of things you enjoy? And we ask the question, if you didn't collect genre-related stuff, what else would you collect?

For this episode's Sensor Sweep, Bob tells us about a special painting he had done for him by Hugo-winning artist Bob Eggleton. It depicts the landscape of Planet X from Monster Zero. And now it proudly hangs in his living room!

Now it's your turn. We would love to hear about all of your collections! You know where to reach us -in the comments here, or at:

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  1. This is a topic that's intrigued me for years now, because in some ways it puzzles me - just because I don't really collected any of the peripheral stuff related to our geeky interests, i.e. action figures/statues, models, posters, etc. And it's not just because I live in a pretty small house and there's barely room for all of our books and other reading material. Even when I see those kind of things on sale at comic book shops, bookstores or conventions, they don't interest me at all.
    One thing I can relate to, though, is the signed items tied to a nice experience of meeting with the respective creator. I have a few things like that, like sketch of Monark Starstalker and several comics signed by Howard Chaykin, who I met in Zagreb some years ago and spent about 20 mintues talking to him (I'd never even think of selling any of those). Quite recently, I got a recently published book signed by most of the creative teams - I wrote all about it earlier this week - with photos. Like you guys, I think the value of have a signed thing is in the experience of meeting (and/or knowing) the creator. In that regard, I have to say that I *love* that painting of Planet X, Bob.
    -Edo Bosnar

  2. Thanks, I like it too! Just have to find the time and $$$ to get it framed. 😉

    As far as other items go. I’m lucky (or unlucky, however you look at it) to have extra space for everything. It wasn’t always the case. But always enjoyed surrounding myself with momentos of the things I like. And many of the items are art within themselves.

  3. Thanks for the plugs Bob!
    I'm always happy to help folks find cool items for their collections.
    Keep up the good work with the podcast Guys!

  4. By the way, that Sideshow Swimming Creature from the Black Lagoon Statue (Both the Color & Black & White Versions) ended up on Sideshow's Clearance Sale List, back when Sideshow didn't sell out of things, and needed to be liquidated. They both went down to about $100 at one time. Ah! To have more money back then...,